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We are pleased to announce the October event for PHP North East, Rat - The Boilerplate web app.

The event will take place at the Post Office in Pink Lane (@PostOfficeNE1) courtesy of PNE. Thanks to the generous sponsorship of Laura Sharpe of Sharpe Recruitment, there will once again be a stack of pizzas before the talk.

The event is free and open to all, but please sign up online so that we have an idea of numbers for the venue, and how much Laura needs to cough up for the pizzas. Feedback, suggestions and ideas for future topics are welcome on our Google Group.

Please promote this event via Twitter or your own website to help us spread the word.

Rat - The Boilerplate web app - David Haywood Smith

I built Rat - a boilerplate web app - to help me quickly test startup ideas. I’ll discuss what led me to create it, how it works and what it’s useful for. I’d also like to share some ideas for apps that you could build very quickly with it. I’d also like to peer into the future and talk about where the project might lead.

Followed by Q&A at the venue time permitting, or down the pub afterwards.

Many of us will be enjoying a refreshing beverage or two after the talks at the Town Wall Pub in Pink Lane, it would be great if you could join us for that too.