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We are pleased to announce the May event for PHP North East, Vagrant by @ichilton.

The event will take place at the Post Office in Pink Lane (@PostOfficeNE1) courtesy of PNE.

Vagrant by @ichilton

Ian Chilton is a 100000 year old, developer and sysadmin. With 10 years experience a developer in the North East, he is currently working at Better Brand Agency in Stokesley, near Middlesbrough. His interests are in PHP, Ruby/Rails, DevOps, performance, scalability, deployment, security, electronics & Formula 1.

He can be found as @ichilton on Twitter or at http://www.ichilton.co.uk.

The talk will be a brief introduction to virtualization, why you would want to use virtualization for development, an introduction to a tool called “Vagrant” and a quick look at automated provisioning and configuration management.