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We are pleased to announce the August event for PHP North East, Symfony Components & Friends by Michael Peacock.

The event will take place at the Post Office in Pink Lane (@PostOfficeNE1) courtesy of PNE.

Performance Horizon Group know how important it is to spread the word about great local user groups so they have decided to supply a “phpne” logo sticker to everyone attending the talk. They are currently looking for people to join them, so if you are looking for the next big challenge take a look at their site.

Symfony Components & Friends by @michaelpeacock

The symfony components and their friends (twig, pimple and silex) provide excellent reusable solutions to common web-related problems, from application routing to dependency injection to template rendering. In this talk we will walk through some of the core components and their friends and see how easy they are to use within our own projects. The components work well both in new projects and in existing projects via extending funtionality or as a basis for refactoring.

Michael Peacock: After co-running a web agency for a number of years, and having worked on the telemetry project for Smith Electric Vehicles, Michael now works for Ground Six, leading the development team and managing the software development process. He is the author of 6 books including PHP 5 Social Networking and technical reviewer for another 4 including Jenkins Continuous Integration Cookbook. He has also presented at a number of user groups and conferences including CloudConnect, ConFoo and DPC.