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A look at some of the datastructures that are built into PHP’s SPL library; why, when and how should you use them in your code; and what problems you might you encounter when doing so.

Mark Baker Design and Development Manager InnovEd (Innovative Solutions for Education)

Mark was writing software before the term “cyberspace” “was first used in fiction, before Linus Torvalds and Rasmus Lerdorf graduated from high school; and was developing for the Web in the days when the internet had less than 1,000 websites.

Over those years, he has contributed to a number of open source projects. Currently he is coordinator and lead developer for the PHPExcel library, PHPPowerpoint, PHPWord, PHPProject and PHPVisio libraries - all part of the PHPOffice library suite; and recently had his first pull request to PHP core accepted in time to make its appearance in version 5.5.0.