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In an industry of ever increasing complexity, developers now more than ever need to know much more than the ins and outs of their language of choice. This event will explore some topics a little further from home, subjects that developers need, and are increasingly expected to know.

Optimise your front-end stack with RequireJS by @AndyTait

As applications get more dynamic, and rely on additional front-end tools, frameworks, and libraries, its important to manage these dependancies, include them only when necessary, and optimise their output for speed. This talk will look at using Require JS to manage JavaScript dependancies, and compress their output.

Provision and deploy with Puppet by @MichaelPeacock

Gone should be the days of spending hours or days setting up infrastructure for your application; with Puppet you can go from a bare machine(s) to a fully configured system, complete with your application deployed, future changes and deployments can be easily managed through Puppet too.

Extending PHP - 2 by @Harry4_

This is a quick talk to show some different techniques that can be applied when developing a simple PHP extension and how other languages can assist in

Other interesting topics by you?

We have space for a couple more talks this event, so please shout up if you would like to present. We are thinking of keeping a slot open for the night, so you could always just bring along a short 5 - 10 minute talk ;-)

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