Event date:

For February’s event we are pleased to announce a talk on: HHVM! With pizzas provided by Laura Sharpe of Sharpe Recruitment and venue provided by Campus North.

The event will take place at the The Auditorium (behind Bunker Coffee, next door to Campus North), Carliol Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6UF (location map at bottom of Ignite site).

The event is free and open to all, but please sign up online so that we have an idea of numbers for the venue, and how much Laura needs to cough up for the pizzas. Feedback, suggestions and ideas for future topics are welcome on our Google Group.

HHVM by Martin Dunn

HHVM is an open-source project developed by Facebook for executing programs written in PHP and Hack. HHVM uses just-in-time compilation to help you achieve superior performance while still offering all the flexibility and fun of PHP. This talk will offer an introduction into how HHVM works, a history of its development, how it performs, what Hack is, and a brief comparison of HHVM and PHP7.

Martin Dunn is Head of Development at iResources and for the past two years has lead development on neatly.io, a tool that allows you to connect and view your business data and statistics. He is also actively developing sobersocial.org which is powered by HHVM.

After the event, many of us will be going to the Ware Rooms next door, for some liquid refreshments.