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For our April meeting we are pleased to announce “What even is ‘Cloud Native’?” by David McKay. Thanks to our sponsors whose financial support make our events possible: Sharpe Recruitment who provide the pizza, Campus North who provide the venue, Opia and Karma Computing who help us out, and Pearson Frank who are providing the drinks.

The event will take place in the classroom at Campus North, Carliol Square, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 6UF.

The event is free and open to all, but please sign up online so that we have an idea of numbers for the venue and catering. Feedback, suggestions, and ideas for future topics are welcome on Twitter.

What even is “Cloud Native”?

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the organisation currently governing Kubernetes, Prometheus, OpenTracing, and more; describe the three goals of “Cloud Native” applications as:

  • Containerized: Each part (applications, processes, etc) is packaged in its own container. This facilitates reproducibility, transparency, and resource isolation.
  • Dynamically orchestrated: Containers are actively scheduled and managed to optimize resource utilization.
  • Microservices oriented: Applications are segmented into microservices. This significantly increases the overall agility and maintainability of applications.

In this talk, David will guide you towards taking your application cloud native, utilising the software available to us today from the CNCF and others, covering containers, tracing, logging and service discovery… as well as the dreaded: “What actually is a micro-service?”

David McKay

David McKay is a software and technology professional, born and bred in Glasgow, Scotland.

As a serial user group organiser, organising Docker Glasgow, Cloud Native Glasgow, DevOps Glasgow, and Pair Programming Glasgow; David is always searching for new and creative ways to share knowledge with others.

Oh, and he quite likes domain-driven design, micro-services, and clean code.

After the event, many of us will be going to the Ware Rooms next door for some liquid refreshments. Don’t forget your discount cards (we should have some on the day if you didn’t get one last month).

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  • Slides: https://speakerdeck.com/rawkode/what-even-is-cloud-native-phpne-april-2018