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Our April event is lightning talks from the PHP North East community.

PSR-7/PSR-17/PSR-18 – the baseline for handling HTTP by Jason Judge Creating HTTP messages, sending them, receiving them. How the PHP Standard Recommendations (PSRs) provide a common foundation for portable libraries. What you should know, in fifteen minutes.

An introduction to multi-dimensional databases by Kamran Chohdry A quick introduction to the concept of multi-dimensional databases, OLAP Cubes and up and coming technologies in this sector, as well as how we support these reports with a Laravel solution as a front end. Kamran leads the business intelligence team at Lookers plc.

Security as part of your CI process by Jack Wagstaffe Automated testing of the security of your system can provide an easy win helping to identify where poor practices have been followed, packages are out of date and your system may be vulnerable to security issues. This talk discusses how these tests can be integrated into an existing continuous integration set up. Jack is a web developer working for Prospect Path.

Don’t be a dick! How to tackle job hunting when you’re in demand by Laura Sharpe Laura is a tech recruitment specialist at Sharpe Recruitment.

S3 Uploads with Cognito by Michael Peacock Amazon S3 is popular, scalable and low cost storage service, used by many web applications. Uploading files to S3 from your web application could either involve the image going to your server, and your server uploading it, or your users uploading directly. Cognito takes much of the hassle out of direct uploads. You can restrict write access for your users to specific sections of an S3 bucket, and easily support guest users. Cognito works by generating temporary credentials for your user, and using those to grant them permission to upload to S3. Michael is a consultant CTO and software engineer, providing high level technical consultancy, leadership and development services to a range of businesses.

Thanks to our sponsors whose financial support make our events possible: Sharpe Recruitment, iamproperty, Opia.

After the event, we usually go to The Town Wall for a drink.