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We are pleased to announce our PHP North East August event, Zan Markan will be speaking to us about “Chatbots for you and me”!

Chatbots are everywhere. Every modern app is a chat app and every self respecting chat app has a chatbot(or six). In this talk we will explore what goes into making a chatbot for any chat app - for things like information lookup, task automation, setting reminders, or just to tell jokes. You’ll see how quick it can be to build and deploy a chatbot yourself. The possibilities truly are endless. Code examples will naturally be in PHP ✨.

Zan is a Developer Advocate at Pusher. His passions are educating and enabling developers. He’s currently nerding out about the JAM stack, serverless ⚡️, and the new age of APIs 🌅. If allowed to speak unchecked, he may start dispersing trivia on ✈️ and 🍺. If allowed into your docs, he might add excessive amounts of emoji and just the right amount of oxford comma. Which is all of them.

Thanks to our sponsors whose financial support make our events possible: Sharpe Recruitment, iamproperty and Opia.

After the event, we usually go to a nearby bar for a drink.