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We are pleased to announce the November event for PHP North East, “Mutation Testing with Infection” by Adam Gardner.

In the talk, Adam will highlight the importance of writing good unit tests and utilising tools to help us validate quality, with an introduction to mutation testing using the Infection framework.

Adam will also touch on code coverage, test-driven development, refactoring, and how combining these approaches can provide a more reliable codebase.

Adam is a consultant engineer for Armakuni, a company that focuses on cloud native acceleration and working with well-known brands such as HSBC and RBS. Adam is also an AWS enthusiast and you’ll find him at every free event that offers credits for attending.

Thanks to our sponsors whose financial support make our events possible: Ronald James Group, iamproperty, Opia, and TusPark Eagle Labs.

After the event, we usually go to The Town Wall for a drink.