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We are pleased to announce the February 2020 event for PHP North East, “Serverless PHP applications with Bref” by Matthieu Napoli.

Running PHP used to be as simple as copying files onto a shared host via FTP. What if we could get back to something that simple, but gain in security, performances and scalability as well? Let’s see if serverless lives up to this promise! We will check out AWS Lambda and Bref, an open source solution for building serverless PHP applications.

Matthieu is a software consultant working on topics such as serverless and PHP. He has been working with PHP and JavaScript as fullstack developer, lead dev and CTO. He works with editors and startups to build SaaS products, e-commerce websites, marketplaces…

Thanks to our sponsors whose financial support make our events possible: Ronald James Group, iamproperty, Opia, and TusPark Eagle Labs.

After the event, we usually go to The Town Wall for a drink.