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We are pleased to announce the September 2020 event for PHP North East, “Multi-tenancy” by Peter Houghton. This is an online event streaming here: https://youtu.be/2wHGlu0SyYY

As the popularity of software as a service (SaaS) continues to grow, both in terms of offerings and customers, a robust and well planned multi-tenant application is the foundation of every successful SaaS company.

Multi-tenancy isn’t a specification. It can be implemented in various ways and should fit the needs of the application and business model, whilst ideally being flexible enough to adapt as the platform evolves over time.

Less than 2 years ago the Wordnerds platform didn’t exist. Today we have over 250 “tenants”. As well as discussing the concept of multi-tenancy and the problems it solves, I want to share with you some of the learning and pitfalls we’ve encountered along the way.

Peter is a software engineer working at Wordnerds, a VC backed tech startup based in Gateshead that helps brands uncover and understand the true voice of their customers using AI and old school linguistics

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