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We are pleased to announce the October 2020 event for PHP North East, “FFI in PHP 7.4 and beyond” by Chris Harvey. This is an online event streaming here: https://youtu.be/sHfA_b9ozHs

PHP was originally developed in 1995 as a templating language to sit between C code and HTML. A lot has changed in 25 years, but PHP might just be starting to bring back some of those early ideas with the Foreign Function Interface (FFI). FFI is an interface in PHP 7.4 that allows you to use C libraries (or any other C compatible ABI’s) inside your PHP code. There are tons of high quality C libraries out there that can now be used inside your PHP applications natively.

I will give you a brief introduction to FFI in PHP to show just how powerful it can be. We’ll run some crazy example applications, and have some real-world examples of how you can use FFI in your own applications.

About Chris I am the Lead Backend Developer at Climb (now part of Precision Proco Group). We are the developers of the popular Where The Trade Buys printing website. In my spare time, you can guarantee that I’ll be working on some side project (or several). I like tinkering with IoT devices, trying out Linux distros and contributing to Open Source projects.

Thank you to our sponsors: Ronald James Recruitment, Opia and iamproperty who make our events possible.